Map Route

A fantastic and fast race around the southern part of Lake Kinneret.
An out-and-back course – start and finish at Habanim/Hagalil Square,
The course is separated along its entire length, with runners keeping to the
side of the road far from the Kinneret.
The race starts at the walls of the old city of Tiberias, and runs south, out of
town. Course continues south along the shore, passing Guy Beach > Sironit
Beach > Ganim Beach and the Tiberias Hot Springs (2 km).
U-turn at the Plaza Square area, and return to town in the right lane, next to
At the Tiberias Hot Springs you can already smell the sulfur that means you're
approaching the end with an easy and final climb after Guy Beach (km 4.5) to
the finish gate at HaGilil/Habanim Square.
Measuring points:
Personal time, at the u-turn (2.5 km)