Intercity roads:

  • Road 90 from the exit from Tiberias in the direction of Tzemach Square.
  • Road 92 from Tzemach to Kursi Square
  • Road 98 from the Green Pipe Junction to Maagan Junction
  • Road 767 from the Alumot junction to the Kinneret Moshava junction
  • Road 7767 from the hostel junction on the Swiss Forest junction.

Inside Tiberias:

  • Boys Street
  • Galilee Street
  • Flower Street
  • Kishon Street
  • Hayarkon Street

Alternative ways

  • Road 98
  • Road 77
  • Road 768
  • Route 90 understands Shan to the plant
  • Route 789
  • The green pipe road will be open in both directions and signage will be placed on the site.

The gathering point and the leap

Galilee Street Click to WAZE

It is recommended to arrive at least an hour and a half before the jump and avoid traffic jams.

It is recommended to park in the main parking lot at Guy Beach, but you can reach a variety of parking lots throughout the city.

Waze software should be used which will be updated on roadblocks on the morning of the event.

Parking arrangements

Main car park – Guy Beach car park – for navigation via Waze

City Garden parking lot

Caesar parking lot

Ben Zakai parking lot

You can park all over the city in blue and white for free on the day of the event!

Vehicles parked along the axes of the running tracks will not be allowed to leave until the end of the event and the opening of the axles.

Public Transport

Information will be provided soon in accordance with police and municipal guidelines