Intercity roads:

• Tiberias / Shiloah Street
• Road 90- Tiberias (Rimonim Square) Junction 7677
• Road 90 – Junction 7677 – Kinneret Junction
• Road 90 – Kinneret Junction – Tzemach
• Road 92 – Plant – Armchairs

Directing traffic at the following intersections:

  • Pomegranate Square / Route 90
  • Shiloah Street / Achvat Junction (Upper Rachel’s Tomb)
  • Switzerland Forest Junction / Route 7677
  • Alumot Junction 768/767
  • Junction of Road 90/7589, entrance to the Golan Heights Gate
  • The Green Pipe Junction Road 98
  • Korsi Junction Road 92/789

Alternate Routes


  • 98
  • 77
  • 768
  • 90 from Beit Shean to Zemach
  • 789

The Green Pipe Road will be open in both directions and marked with a sign.

The gathering point and the leap

Hof Guy Hotel, Tiberias. Press WAZE

We recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before the launch to avoid traffic.

We recommend parking in various parking lots throughout the city (HaBanim St./HaGalil St./Gan HaIr).

It is best to use WAZE, which will be updated with the blocked roads on the morning of the event.

Parking arrangements

  • Gan HaIr Parking Lot
  • Caesar Parking Lot
  • Ben Zakkai Parking Lot

Free parking available on blue and white markings throughout the city on the day of the event!

Vehicles parking along the race routes will not be allowed to leave until the event is closed and the roads are opened.

Public Transport

Precise information will be posted at a later date, based on police and municipality guidelines

Changes may apply to directions and road blocks, be sure to check prior to the event. 

*All of the above is subject to Israel Police guidelines.