Prices and registration dates

Registration price

Registration conditions

These Terms and Conditions are in effect following the guidelines posted on the Website and come to expand and clarify these guidelines.

Participation in races is only allowed for runners who conduct regular training, are under medical supervision, healthy and fit for running.

In choosing to participate in the event, in choosing the allotment in which he will participate and how he will perform the race, it is the responsibility of each participant. Consider, among other things, his state of health, fitness, past training, and personal level.

Runners in all assignments are required to read carefully and electronically sign the health declaration document, which appears during the initial registration procedure on the website.

Runners who have not yet turned 18 on the day of the race, December 10th, 2021, are required to have a parent’s approval in the version that appears on the website when registering for the race through the website.

Ages for participation

Each end of the race has a minimum age to participate. Every registrant must make sure that on the day of the race, December 10th, 2021, he will meet the minimum age requirement for the requested assignment:

  • Marathon – 18 and up.
  • Half marathon – 16 and over (ages 16-18 subject to parental approval when performing the registration procedure).
  • 10 km – 14 and over (ages 14-18 subject to parental approval when performing the registration procedure).
  • 5 km- 12 and over (ages 12-18 subject to parental approval when performing the registration procedure).

Payment instructions

You can pay for the registration for the race by credit card.

Cancellation and change policy

  • Changes and cancellations will be possible until November 11th, 2021, at 13:59, at the email address: Due to cancellation of registration and changes to the end, a handling fee of 20 NIS will be charged.
  • After November 11th, 2021, it will not be possible to cancel for any reason, except for a medical problem, by presenting only a medical certificate, which must be forwarded with a request to cancel the registration to the email address: The cancellation involves the payment of a cancellation fee of NIS 40.
  • In exceptional cases, it will be possible to change the track, after November 11th, 2021, at 40 NIS and at the sole discretion of the race production.
  • In addition to the treatment fee, a change to a more expensive allotment involves completing the difference and a change to a cheaper allotment will win over the total difference, depending on the cost of the allotment in late registration.
  • Refunds for changes and cancellations will be made up to 90 days from the date of approval of the transaction.


  • It is possible to enjoy discounts at early registration.
  • Event production reserves the right to close registration for this track at any time and at its sole discretion.

General instructions

The runner must follow the organizers’ instructions, as they appear on the website, in the field, and in any way the organizers choose to pass on these instructions. The guidelines are intended to enable fair and orderly competition for all participants. The organizers and officials, may disqualify runners who acted unsportsmanlike or contrary to the guidelines, or endangered themselves or other athletes. These runners will not be refunded the participation fee.

The runner has the responsibility and personal commitment to his health condition and the possible consequences if his medical condition does not allow for the required effort during the race. Should the need arise, the runner should consult a qualified medical professional regarding medical problems that may endanger his health during the race.

The runner must wear the chest number on the front of his shirt. Runners who do not wear chest numbers will not be able to enter the start/finish areas.

Electronic mats for measuring intermediate times and race checkpoints will be placed along the tracks. It is mandatory to go over these rugs. A runner who is not absorbed into the system may be disqualified.

Running along the route takes place on a road only, do not get on sidewalks or traffic islands.

Do not accompany the runners, by bicycle or by any other vehicle, and do not accompany them on the run. These may jeopardize their disqualification.

The finish lines in the various races will be locked after the start signal is played on each of them, according to the dates as follows

  • Marathon – 6 hours
  • Half marathon – 3 hours
  • 10 km – 1:40 hours
  • 5 km- 1 hour

Runners who run at a slower average pace at various points on the track are asked to get on the sidewalks and may be asked to stop running, contact the team on the spot, and evacuate to the finish area. Competition management will not necessarily be able to track runners who are running at a slower pace than specified and is not responsible for the safety of these runners along the track and at the finish line.

The results for the winners in the overall ranking will be determined according to the starting signal. In the other categories, the personal time will be determined according to the start signal from the personal badge (given to each runner at the moment of crossing the starting line).

The results are determined by the year of birth and not by the exact date of birth of the runner.

Winners in the various categories will be awarded trophies or a similar prize. An additional gift may be distributed to some of the winners, at the sole discretion of the organizers.

Athletes may file a written appeal of the results with the event secretariat, located behind the ceremonial stage at the marathon complex, until approximately 30 minutes after the end of the event in question. Filing the appeal involves the payment of NIS 100, which will be refunded to the appellant only if his appeal is accepted.

The participants are informed that the event is filmed and documented in photos and video. The registration and participation constitute consent and confirmation on the part of the participant that the organizers, or anyone on their behalf, may use this documentation for marketing and advertising purposes in the media, at their discretion.

The organizers may cancel the event and/or make changes to it due to safety or security considerations, instructions from competent authorities, emergencies, extreme weather, or other events that at the organizers’ discretion justify such cancellation/change.

The organizing committee may close the registration date earlier than indicated on the official marathon website, and depending on the number of registrants.

The organizers may update the information on this site, and the participant must follow these updates.


There may be changes