07:30 in the morning – HaBanim Street, Tiberias

The staging center in the city park is within walking distance of the parking lots (instead of signage and directions).

The race stands and services will start operating from 06:00.

Please note: There is no entrance to the complex with weapons, glass bottles, animals, two-wheeled motorized vehicles and bicycles.

The starting line

The starting line is the same for all running assignments:

From HaBanim Street in Tiberias

The arrival time from the assembly area to the take-off area may take about 10 minutes during a load, so plan your progress accordingly.

The measurement of “personal time” will only begin when crossing the starting line.

Jumps from the end of the marathon and the half marathon will start together at exactly 7:30.

Marathon and a half marathon:

The jump sleeve is common to both allotments and entry to it will be by target time (running pace) for both the marathon and the half marathon.

The target time is determined by analyzing information from the runners and previous ability.

A letter indicating the relevant jump sleeve will be printed on the chest number, pacers will wait at the entrance to each jump sleeve.

Entry will only be allowed to the appropriate sleeve!

If there are runners with a different goal time who want to start running together, they will have to get into a sleeve that suits them according to their chest number and only after the jump to meet.

Directions for the route

In order to allow a free, passable and efficient passage for all runners in all the allotments and levels, a number of routes were inserted on the track.

10 km:

Departure from the starting line from the end of the 10 km will be at 08:05 exactly.

Entrance to the jump-off sleeves starting at 7:45 p.m.

Course of the track:

After leaving the starting line, you will pass near Guy Beach and from there, lanes will be separated. The run will take place adjacent to the left lane on the side closer to the Sea of ​​Galilee.

You can also run on the right lane to the Shikamim station, but please note, the road will be separated by barriers and you will not be able to cross the right lane anywhere.

After a rehabilitation station, all runners must descend to the path around the Sea of ​​Galilee and exit the path at Bernicki Beach
Then reach the horseshoe point and enter the middle lane.
After crossing Bernicki Beach, all runners will follow the right lane (adjacent to the Sea of ​​Galilee) until they return to the water station in Shikamim Square.

From there, the run is only on the right lane next to the Sea of ​​Galilee

End at the end gate on the path near the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Please help and cooperate so that we can have a fun, flowing and quality race for everyone!

The following services will be provided at the site:

You can order a medal with a personal engraving, even after the marathon day by phone: 03-6828889.

Chest numbers and division into leap gates

The runners must stabilize in the jump-off area according to the schedule below, in order to allow an efficient and timely jump-off.

Pacers (rhythm dictators)

In the 44th Winner Tiberias Marathon, pacers from the “Runners with Lawrence” running club will be placed in the starting sleeve, in the relevant places, with the means of emphasizing the target time according to which they will run.

Stand around even if you do not use their services, as this is the right place to stand for those with nearby target times.

Please note: There is no entrance to the compound with weapons, animals, two-wheelers, glass bottles and ashes.