Information for subscribers

From the end of the marathon (42.2 km), half marathon (21.1 km) 10 km will receive a running kit that includes:

• Dry-fit shirt
• Disposable electronic measurement chip chest number
• Discount vouchers, promotions, and benefits
* Receiving a medal at the finish line

Collecting kit

  • • The location of the evaluation will be announced later
    • Receipt of an assessment will be possible upon presentation of an identity card and, if necessary, in the case of a participant under the required age, with parental approval.
    • Collection of an estimate for additional runners (up to five sets) is conditional on the submission of a power of attorney form.
    • Receipt of evaluation and participation in the race is conditional on an electronic signature on the health declaration document (which appears on the website during the initial registration for allotments) and on the delivery of a parent’s certificate, if necessary.
    A runner who has not collected the kit by 10.12.2021 will not be able to receive it even after the race.
    There may be changes in E&OE