Prizes will be awarded at the end of the race for the following categories

Runners' Awards men and women

$ 3,000 Awards for breaking the Tiberias Marathon track record for men and women

The men’s track record in the Tiberias Marathon, 2:07:30 hours, set by Patrick Tambweve from France in 2012

The record for the women’s track in the Tiberias Marathon, 2:25:45 hours, was set by Navit Gabarkidan from Ethiopia in 2017

$ 10,000 Awards for breaking Israel record for men and women

The Awards will be awarded for good results from the track records.

$ 10,000 Awards for breaking track record for men and women

The men’s record stands at 2:07:20 hrs. and was set by Marrow Teferi in 2020.

The women’s record stands at 2:17:45 hrs. and was set by Luna Chamtai-Salpeter in 2020

Prizes for marathon runners' Israeli residents - men and women:

An Israeli marathon rider (holder of an Israeli identity card) who also wins awards in the international rankings will receive only the higher of the two prizes (there is no “double prize”).

The amount that will not be distributed to him, will be transferred to prizes for the Israeli runners next in line, at the discretion of the organizers.

At the end of the race, trophies and prizes will be awarded to 1-3 general places at the end of the marathon and 1-3 places for Israelis in the marathon, half marathon, 10 km, and 5 km competitive men and women.

Prizes and trophies according to special categories will be awarded in a separate ceremony. The location and date of the ceremony will be updated later.

Details of the distribution of trophies to the winners (general) according to age categories

Awards Ceremony

On 16.12.21 Thursday, at 17:00, about a week after the marathon.

The awards ceremony for the category winners of the Marathon Tiberias International 21, will be held at the Daniel Center, Beit Hahotrim, 2 Rokach Blvd. (Parking at the Reading terminal opposite)

All winners will receive a telephone invitation after the win was confirmed

Winners will receive trophies and a prize from sponsors