Half Marathon Track




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Galilee Street, Tiberias

starting line

South to Ein Gev

HaBanim Street

finish line


About the route

A route from the Sea of Galilee, running south along Route 90, we will pass the Tiberias hot springs, the tent site, Kibbutz Kinneret, Degania A, and Degania B, ascend the bridge of the dam between the Sea of Galilee and Jordan – to our right the holy baptismal site for Christians. We will continue Road 95 to the intersection of Tzemach, Beit Daniel, and Maagan and turn left in the direction of Road 92 in the direction of Kibbutz Ein Gev. Near the kibbutz sub-horseshoe operation to return in the same way to the finish line in Tiberias.


Directions for the route

In order to allow a free, passable and efficient passage for all runners in all assignments and levels, a number of routes were inserted on the track:

December 10th 2021

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